We celebrate the fifth year anniversary in Nairobi since Create opened it’s doors by announcing our strategic partnership with Digital Brush to pioneer the first of it’s kind User Experience Academy at USIU Africa. A new important step to strengthen the regions developer community coming out of campus. Once complete this will be the first on many University collaborations we will initiate.

With their deep Interaction Design and Strategic Design background and our deep knowledge of the Mobile Application User Experience across the Silicon Savannah market, we will create a dynamic resource design group that can face, with a unique process, all high complexity experience design challenges; creating smart physical/digital experiences, unlock the full potential of existing product or services, or scale it globally all while expanding the knowledge pool of IT graduates.


The result of this connection will be a unique combination of craftmanship,precision and innovation: a precious mix both for prominent worldwide companies and for newly-funded startups based in Nairobi. Together #weCreate.

Of course, both keeping our positioning, peculiarities and distinctiveness.Hashtags aside we will deep dive even more into the local design community as soon as possible, so expect pretty recurring updates about our presence here!

We hope this makes you as excited as we are! In case you have questions or need more information, feel free to drop us a line at: [email protected]