Insurance . Simplified

At a Glance

MyInsure is a software application on a mobile handset that functions as a digital container for insurance benefits, medical history, premium data, claims ratio, and other items that might be found in a conventional insurance system. The application enables the user to manage a broad portfolio of mobile insurance products from many different companies.

The Challenge

A solid foundation for insurance data management requires accurate identification of each person receiving or providing insurance services. In healthcare, insurers are moving away from paper- based medical records to an infrastructure that supports strong identity and security controls. The healthcare identity management infrastructure must have a way to uniquely and securely authenticate each person across the healthcare infrastructure.

Our Approach

Design a new way of interaction. MyInsure is expected to provide an innovative, low cost, efficient, and secure way to conduct insurance service between providers and customers.

The Results

Working closely with the Myinsure team we were able to design the app for a flawless user experience as well as branding it with their Brand Values. Our goals was to provide a secure, innovative and cost effective way to provide customers with a wide selection of insurance services via a mobile application