Luxury dining with a twist of tech

At a Glance

The Imenu provides hardware and software solutions to make both restaurants and guests’ lives much easier. For restaurants, Imenu provides tablets, smart watches & web platform to replace paper menu, which allows guests to view pictures of the entire menu, place orders, and pay their checks without having to wait for the waitresses. Computerized ordering systems allow servers take orders on a tablet and send it immediately to the kitchen, have helped restaurants become more efficient. All bundled in an immersive and intuitive User Experience, beautiful tablets.

The Challenge

Create a new way of Restaurants providing a Dining experience that complements the luxury Brands that they have built. Track how restaurant’s, waiters and best meals with drinks are performing. Understand how eating preferences change over time & Share favorite recipes with friends. Provide real-time analytics to management on restaurant perfomance in a modern web platform accessible from desktop, tablet and smartphones.

Our Approach

‘Smart’ dining is here and Imenu is leading the way in providing interactive digital restaurant menus for Android tablets. Developed to increase your restaurant revenues and improve the dining experience, this engaging, multilingual app assists your diners in choosing menu items through enticing imagery and informative descriptions – without losing the personal touch of your restaurant waiting staff.