5 tips & tricks to improve your UI designs

Small and easy to put into practice tips to improve your designs.

Creating beautiful, usable, and efficient UIs takes time, with many design revisions along the way. Making those constant tweaks to produce something that your clients, users, and yourself are truly happy with. I know. I’ve been there many times before myself.

But what I’ve discovered over the years is that by making some simple visual tweaks you can quickly improve the visuals you’re trying to create.

In this article I’ve put together a small, and easy to put into practice, selection of tips that can, with little effort, not only help improve your designs today, but hopefully give you some handy pointers for when you’re starting your next project.

1. Make your elements appear more defined

Use Multiple Drop Shadows, or a very subtle border (just a shade darker than your actual shadow) around certain elements to make those elements appear a little sharper, more defined, and help avoid those muddy shadows.


2. Using just one typeface in your design is all good

It’s absolutely fine to just opt for the 1 Typeface when creating your artwork, and sometimes doing this can help you produce much stronger, and consistent results.

Ignore the ‘Always use 2 Typefaces. Minimum.’ crowd. Using a combination of WeightsSizes, and Colour you can still produce perfectly acceptable results.